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The Cindy Cocktail Dress in color truffle Designer's DescriptionI present to you the Cindy Cocktail Dress - symbol of elegance and power 🍸A dress inspired by the iconic Cindy Crawford in her chic and timeless looks, exactly Cindy's proposal. An evening dress with a heart-shaped neckline, draped structure and fins encircling the entire silhouette. Ah, the Cindy dress makes me think of great operas, hence the glove to go with it, an accessory that elevates the dress to an extreme level of refinement (the little fingers are free). Cindy Dress is the right destination! He is pure sophistication, and the color variant we choose: Nose. Oooh lalala Details that make the difference: the rustic cords dyed in the fabric color, causing a ton on ton effect. As perfect as a dress can be. Feel free and use it your way. Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall. In the evening with a hot drink or during the day with your good old tennis.

* styling trick is to wear it with a special lingerie underneath, dazzling the gaze of onlookers uuhuhuhuhuh This is an original Akomb piece ☺︎︎

The Cindy Cocktail Dress 𝑖𝑛 𝒯𝑟𝑢𝑓𝑎

  • Drapeado fixo em todo o vestido. Acompanha luvas.


    As modelos vestem PP. 


    Composição: 92% Poliamida 08% Elastano


    Ótimo para a transpiração. Não faz calor, se adequa ao clima.

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