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AKOMB studio

AKOMB Brazil • since 2013 •

There is nothing cooler than buying from a brand that also carries social and environmental values. After all, modern luxury has a new concept and it is less conspicuous and more conscious - leaving the excess aside and giving way to responsible consumption. Quality replaces quantity and timeless superimposed the seasonal.

This is how AKOMB positions itself, as a Slow Fashion brand, which seeks
rescue the value of each piece of clothing, avoiding disposal and waste and always valuing
the process, and who does it.

"I create individual pieces, instead of collections. Seeking to offer them to my clients

special items, clothes that are missing from your wardrobe" Priscila Founder and Designer.

Each piece is unique and special: handmade, carefully crafted by local seamstresses and respecting real production time. All produced individually, without the concern of creating collections just to follow the fashion calendar, avoiding waste.
The fabrics deserve a separate chapter: timeless prints, like a bold leopard, ruffles
romantic and strategic cuts enhance the silhouette. The silk slides through the body, awakening the lightness,
sophistication and the shine of a noble fabric. A dream! In addition to the classic and chic color palette, but without
follow trends.

AKOMB takes you to an inexplicable state of mind . Make your choice between our models and
be ready for any occasion, any season of the year, from an event on sunny days
or a night of partying. After all, they are made for modern women to feel beautiful, safe and unique.

But, the brand goes even further. By entering the AKOMB mood, you will participate in our creative process
and receive styling tricks such as combination tips and inspiration so you can use your piece
favorite, all without giving up your personal style.

AKOMB is fashion that is really worth wearing: timeless, chic, vintage, sexy and cool!

Campanha Akomb por Fábio Wanderley 86.jpg

A little of history...

From Pernambuco to the world, AKOMB emerged from the idea of ​​making a traveling bazaar through the
neighboring cities in a van, providing a dynamic, light and retro mood that continues.

Despite having been created in 2013, it was from 2017 that AKOMB remodeled its positioning and
brand concept and became what it is today. Since then, it has been enchanting women from all over Brazil
with its statement pieces: the result of a moodboard that unites vintage references with the daring of the
1990s. Enjoy!

Together we are everything. 🚀

Kisses, Pri and AKB Team!

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