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The Swarm of Cupids Dress is an ode to the Renaissance painting of Rafael Sanzio and the most famous angels in the history of art. Sexy, minimalist modeling and with a nostalgic 1990`s vibe, the dress has an exclusive print signed by creative director Pri. Part of an oneiric universe that ignores the limits between dreams and reality, the angels represent Cupid, a god from Greek mythology responsible for spreading love among beings with his magic arrows. This magic is part of the dress's proposal: to bring out an angelic sensuality, making your body your sanctuary and bringing the feeling of being desired by others and, especially, by you.

It's the perfect dress for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd, not for extravagance, but for elegance. It will take you overnight and can be used with sneakers, heels, flats and as your imagination allows.

The detail on the back allows for versatility and styling tricks in the mooring.

  • Ties can be done in a number of ways.
  • Minimalist design
  • satin gloss
  • Exclusive print
  • Made in Brazil

Swarm of Cupids Dress

  • Estampa exclusive desenvolvida pelo time Akomb. Detalhe nas costas que possibilita várias opções de amarração. 


    As modelos usam PP.


    Composição: 97% Poliéster, 03% Elastano

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